This document explains Our use of images on this site,, and Our view to Your use of these images.

Images used on have been created from scans carried out by and optimised for better use on the web / internet.

Some effort has been placed into providing the best images that We can reasonably provide at this point in time, although We are always trying new and different ways to improve the images We currently present to You.

We could go down the route of a "copying is forbidden" (or similar) route.

The "copying is forbidden" (or similar) kind of route is not helpful, or nice - and policing it ? - well, We do have other things to do such as creating content on  - We would rather be helpful, and nice.

You should feel free to re-use images found here on - the only "request" We make is: provide a credit / mention to - also, perhaps consider getting in touch with Us so that We can take a look at Your presentation.

Our main aim is to provide what might be useful to other people with an interest, and passion, in New Zealand Philately.

On that basis - if We achieve this, to the extent people want to use "Our" images, We will feel honoured.

Currently, We introduce "transparency" in parts of Our images - for example to help enhance perforations - whatever background colour is used where We place images, the background colour will show through at the points of perforations. On the whole this applies to the vast majority of images - but, on a small number of images, generating transparency at perforations while maintaining the full image depiction, has presented challenges - therefore, on a small number of images We have not been able to provide what We endeavoured to provide. Sorry.

For Your reference - if You wish to use images from - the background colour we currently use is, in "hexadecimal" (Hex) colour notation: #d5d5d5 - but, by all means, choose Your own background colour.