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Terms and Definitions

'We' 'Us' 'Our' - means and refers to

'You' 'Your' - means and refers to the person reading this document.

'this Site' 'this Website' - means and refers to

'this Policy' - means and refers to this Advertising Policy of


From time-to-time may accept advertising to appear on agreed pages, position(s) within a page, and for agreed lengths of time.

An advertisement is a piece of text, an image, or a combination of text and image which promotes a third party product and/or service,

When advertising is accepted for appearance on, the advertisement must meet the following criteria.

Advertisements must:

  • Clearly and accurately represent the person, people, business, product, service being advertised

Advertisements must not advertise, promote, or depict:

  • Gambling
  • Illegal drugs, including their sale, manufacture or distribution
  • Illegal drugs paraphernalia
  • Illegal acts, including but not limited to
    • Money laundering, or any money laundering activity
    • Arson
    • Theft - whether physical, digital or copyrighted materials
    • Criminal damage
  • Hate or violence
  • Scams
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Adult content in any manner
  • A medical condition or disability in a derogatory manner
  • Be in any way likely to lead to Our website being prosecuted


Unless explicitly stated by Us, an advertisement does not imply endorsement by Us.

We will never knowingly accept or show an advertisement that is in breach of this Policy.

Advertisements will be monitored to ensure that any (all) advertisement(s) continue to meet the requirements of this Policy - any advertisement(s) found to no longer comply with this Policy will be terminated without prior notice.

Google Adsense participates in the Google Adsense advertising program.

This program allows Google generated advertisements to appear on Our Website.

The advertisements themselves are created/generated by Google.

Our Site administrator is able to monitor advertisements presented on this Website - any that are deemed to be unsuitable can be blocked

Advertising Policy Reviews

This Advertising Policy will be reviewed periodically.

A review does not mean that any change has ocurred. If any change has occurred, the date of update will be mentioned in the next section of this Advertsiing Policy

Advertising Policy Updates

This Advertising Policy may be updated at any time.

This Advertising Policy was last updated on: 07th May 2021.

Policy Date Of Writing

This Advertising Policy was originally written on: 24th March 2020.