Philately - the collection and study of postage stamps.

New Zealand has a long and rich history of postage stamps.

Since at least 1831 New Zealand has produced postage stamps.

People collect postage stamps for many reasons - for investment, or for a visual depiction of events. For example, an interest in nature might prompt collection of nature depicting stamps.

Why has this website been created and being developed ?

Since an early age, Tim Austin (the developer of grew up in New Zealand after emigrating from the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Being "separated" from family members a package of used UK postage stamps arrived from a Grandparent - the intrigue of the package and new found surrrounding of New Zealand inspired an interest that has remained for many years with a primary focus on the postage stamps of New Zealand.

The following topics, or themes, could provide a fascinating past-time:

  • Nature
    • Flowers
    • Trees
  • Sports
    • Rugby
    • Cricket
    • Yachting
  • Engineering
  • Royalty
  • Leaders
  • Art
  • Animals
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Horses
    • Fish

The list could go on - if a topic or theme is of interest to you - you can collect it on stamps either from a select few countries, continents, time eras, or worldwide.

Here at we want to give you some hints, tips and advice on philately in general, and images / technical information specifically on New Zealand postage stamps.

Collating a large number of images is a big task - here at we propose to increase our articles over a period of time, and add information to those articles that are already present.

Until 10th July 1967 New Zealand used "pre-decimal" currency - Pounds, Shillings and Pence - this was reflected not only in physical money but also postage and everything that had a cost or value.

The 10th of July 1967 was "Decimal Currency Day" when the changeover was made to Dollars and Cents - 100 cents equals one dollar ($1.00) - the New Zealand dollar and cent is not the same as the Dollar(s) and Cent(s) of any other country such as the United States of America, although the New Zealand Dollar is also the currency of New Zealand depenancies such as Tokelau, Niue, Ross Dependency, and the Cook Islands.

887After we progress with showing New Zealand postage stamps - we will then consider showing the postage stamps of the New Zealand dependencies.

If you feel you have a contribution to make here - please feel free to contact us - whether it be to correct or challenge a detail , provision of one or more image, if you are the author of a study and wish to share it, or to share your own passion.